Nowadays renting congress systems, audio and video equipment, simultaneous interpreting systems, or guided-tour equipment for small groups, as well as large videoconference systems, is a rational, cost-effective, and functional option for most companies. Renting audio-visual and translation systems is, in fact, a solution to technological and budget needs.

Only in very few cases is buying preferable compared to renting audio-visual systems. Even in big cities like Milan, where most companies have contacts with a foreign audience more often than elsewhere, the cost both of the equipment and of the technical services required for its use in a congress is hardly worth incurring in full by buying in view of occasional use.

Renting the systems, whether guided-tour equipment, an interpretation booth, or a full audio-visual system, allows to keep costs low and, at the same time, use the latest equipment, always in perfect conditions, as well as the technical services required to ensure their ideal operation even in the most complex situations.Read on for more information!
A simultaneous translation system is a high-tech interpreting instrument that makes it possible to listen to up to 32 different languages at the same time. It comprises an amplification system, which transmits the speaker’s words to the interpreters through their headphones, and also transmits the latter’s’ translation into the different languages to the small receivers previously distributed to the audience. The interpreters speak from their booths, either mobile or fixed, which can also be located outside the main auditorium and connected via CCTV.

This system is ideal for highly interactive meetings. It provides for one microphone for every two participants. The system interacts with our videoconference equipment for remote meetings and with our simultaneous translation systems. For very special events, we are the only company in Italy that rents an infrared digital wireless system that is both anti-interference and interception-proof. The absence of cables makes this system ideal for cabaret-style setups.

Certain basic audio systems are required for all kinds of events. Their components, like amplifiers, equalizers, mixers, and radio microphones, are modular so that they can be used in all types of environments, including those with complex acoustics, like churches or halls, which often generate a strong echo.

This system comprises receivers for one ear and a radio microphone that can be set to 16 different frequencies. It is the ideal easy-to-use solution for simultaneous translation in small meetings, where there is neither room nor a budget for fixed systems.

While a simple and cheap video-projector is more than enough for a small workshop, a large convention calls for a high-level model, one that is capable to project a large and super-clear image in full HD. We provide a full range of this kind of equipment, both for retro- and front projection, including special ultra-short focus projectors for very small rooms

When the high-quality video recording of an event, like a convention or a congress, needs to be filed, it is vital to use digital and graphic video control units with professional TV cameras, lighting systems, slide centres, and digital counters. We rent equipment that offers an exceptional image mixing quality, working in FULL HD, in addition to Watchout graphics control systems to produce multivisions, using both video projectors and LED screens for videowalls. Centralized image processing allows to form a single image from various video projectors without any visible junctions, combining live images, slides, and animation, and thereby creating videos of tremendous impact. These can be broadcast in live streaming on the Internet with dedicated customer servers or – new for 2017 – on one’s Facebook company profile, at very low costs. We subtitle brief promotional or institutional videos, with the necessary text translation in timecode leveraging on synergies with our Translations Unit.

Increasingly, holding meetings among persons based in different locations is key to make high-level agreements. A response to this need is provided by videoconferencing, which allows to organize virtual meetings involving any number of participants from all parts of the world. We rent and install professional systems and equipment for high-quality videoconferencing on site, whether in a congress hall or at a company’s premises, with Bridge service for connections between two or more remote locations. Where equipment renting is not the ideal option, we also offer our in-house Public Room, for small meetings of up to 5 people.

However refined and reliable it may be, a complex technology like that used for congress systems requires, at all levels, a kind of installation, testing, and assistance expertise that simply cannot be improvised. In addition to providing specialized technicians to supervise the use of the equipment we rent, we also offer pure technical support at sites that do not use our equipment. Such service is provided by our team of specialized technicians, qualified to work on all audio-visual systems and on advanced fixed video control units following minimal briefing.

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