Hostesses and stewards are key figures in all kinds of events. Being welcomed in a courteous and professional manner, knowing who to turn to for information, receiving information material with a friendly greeting and a few words in your own language, as well as providing unobtrusive support in terms of security and access control are all features that characterize our service. In Milan and other cities, we provide hostesses of three different professional types, each with the necessary skills for their specific working context, as well as cooperative and professional stewards.

Both the stewards and the hostesses can be in charge of different tasks at fairs and congresses. Stewards are most often engaged to ensure access control and security, whereas hostesses are in charge of secretarial tasks, auditorium support during congresses, or stand assistance at fairs. Read on for more information on our hostesses and stewards!
Secretariat hostesses are professional figures in charge of a broad range of key tasks for a successful event. Who welcomes guests to a congress? Who checks their names and, if necessary, collects the attendance fees? Who distributes the information material and, if necessary, receivers for simultaneous translation? Kind and professional secretariat hostesses belong to the memories of guests attending an event and represent a very important part of its overall success. A secretariat hostess can be engaged on a half-day or full-day basis, as needed.

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Courteous and professional auditorium hostesses, wearing a uniform, ready to help the speakers and participants in a convention, convey a clear image of efficiency and perfect organization to all those present. They facilitate the flow of debates, taking care of small but essential details like providing microphones to those who wish to speak or tidying up the panel’s table after each session. Auditorium hostesses can be engaged on a half-day or full-day basis, according to the duration of the event.

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Multilingual stand assistants, welcoming visitors and distributing information material (assistance with negotiations is strictly an extra service, subject to an additional fee, even if many of our stand assistants are perfectly trained for the purpose), are a beautiful sign of respect and consideration for visitors to an international fair, which will surely be appreciated and remembered. As in the other above cases, these figures can be hired on a half-day or a full-day basis.

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In major events, access and meeting-room security is key to ensure a positive experience of attendants. To this end, hiring stewards for events like congresses and fairs is strictly recommended. Their functions range from contributing to the appropriate course of the activities to ensuring utmost participant security. Our stewards can monitor the situation either directly or remotely, either individually or in teams, using appropriate unobtrusive and functional equipment to keep in touch with each other and possibly cooperate in special circumstances.

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Welcoming participants in your fairs and congresses in the right way is crucial: click here to meet our stewards and hostesses

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