We focus on a single and very important task: the management of your interface with an international public, nowadays accustomed to impeccable materials, perfect hospitality and efficient conventions. All of which comprises, in its various branches, three fundamental elements: words, people and technology.
Words: Interpreting and translations

Although we are increasingly an image society, and although interaction times are reduced and modalities are modified, one thing remains absolutely true and constant: the primary channel for our communication remains that of the word – whether spoken or written. And although English is certainly the predominant language, even the official language, in international communications at any level, you must never delude yourself into thinking that using it guarantees effective understanding and transmission of your message on the part of all those who take part in your events. At the average event, no more than half of those present sufficiently understand English. For complete exploitation of contents they must therefore receive your message in their own language, whether it is in French, Arabic or one of the many other languages we can provide. And since the word can be either spoken or written, its translation too comes in two forms: interpreting, which is often erroneously identified solely with simultaneous translation; and true translation i.e for written texts
Persons: Hostess and Steward

There is a reason why - in the era of streaming, teleconferences and easy and fast instantaneous communication, including between distant parts of the globe - there are events, from trade fairs to conventions, where being present in person is still essential, including via international flights and hotel stayovers: for many people face to face meetings still have that human touch which they consider to be of vital importance. In such cases, the organisation of an event cannot ignore the presence of persons tasked with welcoming guests, assisting speakers, or simply communicating with visitors at a trade fair stand. The kind of people – hostesses and stewards - whom we make available to you, with the certainty that we can thereby offer you professionalism and courtesy in each and every situation.
Technology: congress systems

Video projectors, microphones as well as simultaneous translation systems. There are very few complex events dedicated to an extensive public that can dispense with using advanced and professional technologies. And in those cases too when a client who turns to us is relatively inexperienced, and is not fully conversant with the specific terminologies and products required, we see it as part of our job to interpret his requirements and propose the most technologically and economically appropriate solutions. Together with our offer of the most reliable and prestigious equipment brands, we also proudly provide the one essential factor that makes all the difference in this field i.e. a highly select and trained team of technicians who can operate in the most complex fields with both professionalism and competence. Our staff is able to organize a pool of specialised companies to implement, where necessary, televoting, streaming, complex scenographies or light systems, ensuring synergies that lead to savings in both time and money - and final results that are indisputably excellent.

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