Translating is often more difficult than writing an original text. Above all professional translations require perfect fluency in the source and target languages, as well as a clear understanding of the context to achieve a truly effective outcome. Different languages have many nuances, and use metaphors that differ considerably. Translating literally therefore leads to results that are often horribly wrong.
Professional translations are needed for business negotiations, to dispel doubts, to close contracts – all activities that need to be completed in a timely manner. Translation agencies often face urgent requests. In Milan, as in all big cities where companies deal with foreign counterparts on a daily basis, professional translators are often expected to be as quick as they are skilled.

Software-based translations cannot be used at professional level due to these combined needs: while they are undoubtedly quick, in fact, these systems cannot capture the smoothness, the evolutions, the minor intents concealed in words that are typical of language seen as a living entity, one that is subject to constant evolution, as indeed every language is. And a translation that is imperfect, unclear, and merely approximate is a poor business card. A badly translated contract can even have legal consequences; a poorly rendered brochure can hardly convey the company message with all its nuances. Our professional native translators are perfectly trained to provide an optimal translation of your texts – all you have to do is send us the original file and receive your translated version, once completed.
Each translation we undertake is entrusted to a Project Manager dedicated to the client. Once an estimate has been prepared and approved for the concerned text, a linear and detailed work flow starts, ensuring the quality of our work. The same project applies to all our translation projects, whether they involve a one-page letter or a large bundle comprising thousands of sheets. This allows to provide quick service also in case of urgency, because an optimized work flow is implemented according to the following structure:

1. receipt of file or document;
2. preparation of file for translation;
3. choice of our expert translator and assignment;
4. work-in-progress checks;
5. receipt of translated file;
6. proofreading of file;
7. adaptation and reconstruction of file in line with the original format;
8. forwarding to client;

Each translation job entrusted to us can be managed in either of the following ways:

standard translation, with quality and completeness control, typing error checks, formatting, and number checks

standard translation with re-reading, i.e. in-depth grammar check of the translated text by another native translator, with no access to the source text (ex UNI 15038 art. 2.8)

standard translation with editing, i.e. grammar and style check of the translated text by another native translator, plus comparison with source text (ex UNI 15038 art. 2.10)

IOur translators are accredited with the Court and can, obviously, provide certification and legalisation services for the translated texts. This also applies to transcripts of congress documents from all analogical or digital formats, as well as of films, commercials, minutes of general meetings, and arbitration sessions. Where necessary, our congress systems rental service can be involved in your event to provide the necessary recording equipment. For each translation job, the texts are safely stored on servers to protect the sensitive data they often contain, and can only be accessed by the translator and our dedicated project manager.

Lastly, we employ translators specializing in a broad range of specific subjects. These ensure that the job is performed in the professional and accurate manner our clients expect of us.

We also provide:

Legal translations: deeds, contracts, writs of summons, arbitrations, mergers & acquisitions, insurance policies

Technical translations: manuals, websites, packaging, technical sheets

Medical-scientific translations: laboratory analyses, pharmaceutical research, clinical reports

Management translations: financial statements, economic-financial analyses, minutes, articles of association, management and financial reports

Miscellaneous translations: advertising, press releases, articles, interviews, company brochures, curricula

Urgent translations of all kinds of materials whenever speed is a major issue

All our translations are governed by our “General Supply Conditions” which can be downloaded by clicking here.

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We translate and interpret in a broad variety of languages. If you do not find the language you are looking for in the following list, please feel free to contact us – we will find the right professional translator for you!

For any additional questions, please read our FAQ – or just click here to contact us


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