Among our many excellences, one takes pride of place: our forty years spent offering companies a complete partnership service – a service that has grown over time to include ever more varied aspects of the interface process with an international public, which is our true speciality.
In the 1970s we specialised in simultaneous and textual translations, managed by the company’s founders who were themselves professional interpreters and translators. Our linguistic skills were our most requested service. Later, the 1980s, with the technological boom they ushered in, gave us a further opportunity to extend our range of services, renting and for a period also selling, audio systems and equipment for simultaneous translation. With the passing of the years we continued to extend our technological offer, including all audiovisual systems required for the many events, congresses and meetings that we regularly manage today. In the 1990s, (the) first in Italy (to do so), we adopted ISDN video conference equipment, completing the spectrum of instruments required for a thoroughly professional management of our partners’ and clients’ interface with their public on a global level. During the first decade of the 21st century we proudly joined a highly select group of European companies in our field who have been awarded certification for the outstanding quality of their services and translation of texts.

The past constitutes the foundation of our success; but as a company, we are of course focused on the future.
In today’s world, where even the year 2000 now seems a distant memory, one thing is absolutely clear: for effective and successful interfacing with their public, ensuring information materials are perfectly clear and appropriate for global audiences, offering participants in congresses a valid and effective experience, or efficiently connecting managers and customers in distant countries, thereby creating new trading relations – for all these achievements dynamic companies need a specialised, equipped and expert partner.

We are that Partner.

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