Hostesses and stewards

Choose the professional skills of our hostesses and stewards


The Congress Hostesses and Stewards unit relies on a rich data base of young men and women with an outstanding image and valuable support skills deployed across a variety of tasks.

In-event staff duties

  • Welcome, register, and provide in-event support to participants

  • Manage the organizing secretariats of fairs and congresses

  • Control access for security purposes

  • Welcome foreign guests

  • Operate the cloakroom service for participants

  • Circulate microphones in the meeting room

  • Carry out customized tasks according to the type of event

SB Servizi regularly performs strict selections of its in-event staff providing support for the training of each hostess and steward and assisting the person in charge in all the relevant tasks.

Why hire in-event hostesses and stewards

  • Organized overview of the management of the meeting, support and reliability at all stages of the event.

  • Care for the corporate image: support and professionalism to the benefit of participants

  • Enhanced access security with possible use of specific equipment for selection at the entrance by the staff (bar code, QR code, pass)

Choose the staff that fits best into your event: