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hostess e steward

Our unit relies on a rich data base of hostesses and stewards who have pleasant looks and boast significant support capabilities across a broad range of tasks.

Recruiting hostesses and stewards can ensure support throughout the event, offering the plus that each top-level company pursues to enhance its image. Rely on our expert collaborators and request a quote now!


A leader in conference servicesbusiness for over 50 years, SB Servizi collaborates with young men and women from all over Italy, offering them job opportunities and ensuring their specific training for all kinds of events.

A project manager supporting you to satisfy all your needs

hostess e steward

SB Servizi does not only identify the right hostess for your event: our Project Managers are expected to understand the client’s request to recruit the right resources and support them throughout event preparation.

  • We constantly monitor the activity of our hostesses and stewards and support them in all their tasks.
  • We address all requests specifically ensuring a reliable and professional performance of our candidates.
  • We select the appropriate resources to ensure an excellent execution of the requested tasks.
  • We support our clients throughout the event with recruitment, verification, and assistance to the selected resource.

SB Servizi is the plus for your event

Choosing our hostesses and stewards service means relying on a company that boasts a half-century experience in the meeting industry.
Describe your project and choose a reliable agency capable to provide support throughout the process.

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Why hire hostesses and stewards

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  • Organized event management overview, reliable support throughout the event.

  • Corporate brand support: a well-tended and structured image of the event

  • More access security, with the option to equip the staff with specific access control devices (bar code, QR code, pass)

  • Management of unexpected circumstances and on-going in-event assistance

Hostess and steward tasks

  • Welcome, registration, and assistance during the event

  • Management of the organizing secretariat of trade shows and conferences

  • Access control to ensure security

  • Specific welcome service for foreign guests

  • Cloakroom service for participants

  • In-room assistance with microphone

  • Customized tasks depending on the type of event

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Our rates

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Hostess and steward unit rates take into account the working hours and the working days/festivities. Each quote considers additional costs for each hostess/steward, including expense reimbursement and any extra expenses, without final surprises.

We consider a half working day (for a maximum of 4 hours) or a full working day (for a maximum of 8 hours) based on specific client needs. We can also charge customized rates based on the number of hostesses and in case of multiple working days, ensuring high-quality service at competitive market prices.

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