interpreting mode

Rely on our experience to find the ideal interpreting mode to satisfy your needs.

Simultaneous interpreting

Probably the most popular service, simultaneous interpreting is usually performed in a booth, with the interpreter listening to the original speech in the speaker’s own language through a headset and translating into a microphone that transmits the message to the participants’ receivers in their language. Microphones, headsets, and receivers for listening to the translation are technical must-haves to amplify the translation aimed at the listening audience.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is an easy-to-manage service: the interpreter sits beside the speaker, listens to the speech, and translates each sentence to the audience. While no equipment for transmission of the translation is required, this interpreting style provides for breaks that extend, or even double, the duration of the event. Consecutive interpreting rates are more affordable because no supporting technology is required. They also depend on the duration of the event.

Chuchotage (whispering)

“Whispered” interpreting is another style that provides for the interpreter to sit or stand close to the listener. Unlike consecutive interpreting, the interpreter sits by the listener(s) (maximum 3) and whispers the translation to them.
This service is recommended when an event is attended by small groups of people that are not fluent in the speaker’s language. The service is provided in the same way as a consecutive translation.