Simultaneous interpreting systems

SB Servizi offers both simultaneous interpreting systems and new systems for foreign-language communication transmission.

Our multiple solutions are specifically designed for all types of events.

We can provide a comprehensive service, including the set-up of teams of native interpreters and the rental of simultaneous interpreting equipment for the participants, whether attending in person or connected remotely.

We take care of

service audio video
  • Rental and installation of sound-proofed interpretation booths, designed for simultaneous interpreting

  • Provision of receivers with disposable headsets for the translation with the option to listen to up to 16 channels

  • Installation and operation of the interpreting equipment with dedicated support technicians

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Interpretation booth rental

cabine di traduzione

Interpretation booths are crucial to broadcast the translation to the meeting room.
The interpreters provide the simultaneous translation of the speeches they listen to while sitting in the booth and wearing a headset that serves both as a receiver and a microphone. Interpretation booths are great allies for the interpreters, who can work in a secluded environment without interfering with the audio in the meeting room. The audience listens to the translation using receivers connected with the interpreters’ microphone.

The result? A neat, smooth, professional translation for all international audiences.

Different kinds of events – a business discussion, a webinar, or a guided tour – may require different interpreting options, specifically designed for the communication style in use.

Rental of simultaneous interpreting systems

Simultaneous interpreting receivers are practical and effective devices to broadcast the translation to the participants that need to listen in their own language. We rent infrared receivers, or receivers for the bidule system, an excellent option for small-scale conventions, courses, or guided tours

Besides cooperating with a selected team of native interpreters, SB Servizi provides the necessary technology for translation broadcasting.

SB Servizi uses the best infrared technology to ensure high performance at all locations.