Voice-over services for translation into foreign languages

Voice-over services provide the right solution to translate videos, presentations, or commercials into any foreign language.
servizi di voice over

Foreign-language voice over means translating a project, such as a documentary, a video or, more generally, an audio presentation, by a speaker-interpreter selected according to a set of compliance criteria to ensure a balanced message. The output faithfully renders the emphasis of the speech, with special care for the pace, the dynamism, and the length of sentences.

Multilingual voice over

We can translate presentation videos by recording the voice of professional interpreters in any language at very competitive costs.

We take care of each project and emphasize pauses and the tone of the original voice. We can organize the voice-over service at our recording studio, or at any other location, selecting our professional speaker and renting the technical equipment that is most appropriate for recording.  Other than in dubbing, in voice over the original voice is not erased, but remains audible in the background, offering a simultaneous output.

Voice-over casting sessions

SB Servizi collaborates with professional speakers and expert translators selected according to specific voice characteristics. Share your
need with us. One of our project managers will find the right interpreter for any kind of project, including complex ones.

Selection mode Our professional speakers are selected on the ground of their timbre and performing skills to ensure an impeccable audio reproduction.

The most popular services

  • Voice over for e-learning courses in foreign languages and educational projects
  • Voice over for documentaries and emotional videos
  • Voice over for commercials, cartoons, and short movies
  • Voice over for corporate presentations
  • Specific projects for all needs

On-site recording at our offices and at any recording studio

Recording can take place anywhere, both at your premises and at our recording studios, using high-performance equipment.

Delivery times are short and adjusted to your timeline.
Our output is carefully checked in all respects and ready for publication and sharing.

Find the most appropriate interpreting mode for your event.

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