Congress interpreting

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From the selection of the most appropriate professional interpreter for each subject to the organizational supervision of each step.

The available options

Guaranteed and reliable management of all services, from the careful selection of the professional interpreter to the best technologies for your event.

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  • Selection of the native interpreter that fits best into the specific context, brief on the subject, and support to all the concerned parties

  • Rental and installation of mobile and soundproof interpreting booths, ideal for events in person where an isolated position for the interpreters is requested.

  • Rental of the guided-tour system with simultaneous interpreting receivers: an excellent option for guided tours or events that cannot accommodate a booth.

  • Rental of conference rooms with support for remote interpreting (RSI – REMOTE SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING – HUB), ideal for digital events and live streaming.

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Our interpreting rates

The rates of the interpreting service depend on certain factors, such as the duration of the event and the language combination.
Choose the interpreting services that are most in line with your needs.

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