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SB Servizi is a company in Milan that offers conference interpreting services through native professional interpreters selected for specific topics. We collaborate with interpreters from all over Italy to provide a broad range of conference interpreting services. Our plus – utmost reliability to provide the best service for each project. Rely on our experienced Project Managers, capable to support all kinds of projects by selecting the best professional interpreter  for you.

Simultaneous interpreting

We collaborate with simultaneous interpreters that provide the real-time translation of speeches of all kinds, at conventions and business meetings.

Consecutive interpreting

In this case the interpreter first listens to a few sentences of the speech, then provides subsequent translation to the audience.

Chuchotage (whispering)

In whispered translation the interpreter whispers the translation directly to the listener.

RSI hub

We rent up to 6 RSI remote interpretingstations at our offices in Milan.

Voice over

We collaborate with speakers-interpreters to translate documentaries, commercials, and e-learning courses.

Remote interpreting

We connect the voice of the interpreters on any destination channel, from popular platforms to streaming channels.

Expand your communication boundaries and develop international networks: choose our interpreting services, whatever your needs!

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Our conference interpreting agency

Utmost reliability in managing all services, from the accurate selection of professional interpreters to the best technologies to be used for your event.

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  • Selection of the most appropriate native interpreter for the context, support to the interpreter’s task and to all the parties involved.
  • Rental and installation of interpretation booths, mobile and soundproofed, ideal for in-person events, where the interpreters need to be isolated. Possibility to rent the bidule system for courses and guided tours.
  • Rental of conference rooms with support for remote interpreting (RSI – REMOTE SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING – hub), ideal for digital events and live streaming.

Connect your communication professionally! Choose our technology to convey clear and simple messages to your audience.

From selecting the most appropriate professional interpreter for each topic to supervising the organization of all process steps.

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Our interpreting service rates

Interpreting service rates are linkedto certain factors, including the duration of the event and the language combination. SB Servizi, founded by an award-winning simultaneous interpreter, boasts an in-depth knowledge of the specific requirements of this service, and protects its collaborators while offering high-level service at competitive costs to clients, in line with market requirements. Choose our interpreting services and request a quote now!

Why rely on our agency?

In the language businessfor over 50 years, we support international communication punctually and professionally. Our staff select the best interpreter for each project and handle each request according to a very accurate workflow. Each step is managed by a Project Manager that selects the appropriate professional figure for each topic, while ensuring an accurate and reliable translation, the privacy of contents, a timely execution, and a 100% compliant outcome in all respects. Our interpreting service price list is available from our managers.

Our interpreting services in Milan

Our offices are in Milan, Via Plinio, 47.Call +3902/2052151 or complete our online form:

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