about us

This photo sums up the origins of SB Servizi. Two language graduates – husband and wife – transposed their love into something tangible: a company, established in the 1970s and developed to a broadly successful entity. SB Servizi – born as Studiobusca Servizi – was established by two renowned professional linguists, who founded a sound and reliable company to give life to their ambitions. Fifty years of sacrifices, strength, and successes created the foundation for our company to date. Our utmost gratitude goes to our founders, who established and transposed their ideas into a top-ranking company.

Our background

The history of SB Servizi started back in the 1970s, when conference interpreting was gaining momentum in Italy and abroad. Luigi Busca, the founder and a professional interpreter, and his wife Rosanna Piazzola, a text translation specialist, decided to establish the company that is still successfully active in the meeting industry today. Interpreting developed to decisive levels and became the stepping-stone for all conference- related services.The Conference Systems Unit was launched in the 1980s and continued to develop to thisday. Rental of Audio, Video, Lighting, and Simultaneous Interpreting Systems, Live Meeting services, Virtual Sets and Remote Event Management were introduced alongside traditional interpreting services, hostesses and stewards for events, translation and swearing ofdeeds and documents, transcriptions of meeting records and arbitrations. Our staff, our equipment, and our over 80 professional collaborators are key for our meeting organization service. These factory interact constructively to provide a comprehensive output that is crucial for the organization of an event – whether physical,digital, or hybrid.

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