Specialized staff during the event

SB Servizi collaborates with the best-in-class professional figures in the events business

regia con assistenza tecnica

A leader in conference servicesfor over 50 years, SB Servizi collaborates with experienced and specialized professional figures. We set up teams of technicians, sound engineers, and operators for sophisticated conventions and shows. We support companies in their business meetings requiring amplification and content recording. We also provide translation services for international audiences, recruiting the best-in-class interpreters, and hire hostesses and stewards to assist in the organization of the event.

Our services

  • We rent the best technology

  • We organize audio and video control rooms whatever the location and the type of show

  • We implement simultaneous interpreting during the event

  • We recruit professional figures for events, such as technicians, interpreters, hostesses, and stewards

Audio and video technicians

regia video remotata
  • Assembling of audio and video equipment whatever the location

  • Setting up of the equipment in use

  • Technical support during the event

  • Graphic content control, video camera, sound, and ligthing system operation

  • Post-production service, delivery of audio and video recordings


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