Our services

We rent audio-visual equipment and the interpreting systems required for the technical set-up of events. Consulting, installation, and support – an all-inclusive service.

We rent and install lighting systems to enhance all kinds of set-ups – from the construction of scenes and sets for events and live meetings to stages for large-scale conventions.

We co-operate with more than 80 professional interpreters, selected according to their specific educational background. We organize interpreting services for company meetings, international events, and digital connections, directing clients towards the most appropriate interpreting option for each event.

We provide highly qualified hostesses and stewards for meeting-room support, access management, and participant accreditation. We train our staff to ensure the best possible fulfilment of each requested task – from large-scale fairs to private meetings.

We co-operate with professional translators specializing in over 60 languages. Our expert linguists swear and legalize translated documents in compliance with delivery deadlines, always ensuring the utmost secrecy of the material entrusted to us.

We transcribe recorded meetings, events, arbitrations, and much more from audio and video sources. Our professional transcribers process, arrange, and reproduce the text layout clearly for easy reference.

We provide specifically equipped rooms for remote interpreting, integrating the translation on any live meeting platform. An ideal solution for digital events aimed at an international audience.

We can set up virtual stations and digital sets for any kind of digital or “phygital” meeting, taking care of the scenic layout and streaming on any dedicated channel.

We translate videos of all kinds, recording the voice of professional interpreters selected by their timbre and their performing skills. The output is a high-quality video, perfectly corresponding to the source file.


Turn your event into a live experience!