The company SB Servizi provides technical services for conferences, events, and shows. Our plus is the broad range of services we provide to set up an event. In addition to our consolidated audio and video service in Milan, we recruit interpreters, hostesses, and stewards to manage an international customer base and the organizing secretariats. We provide a professional translation service of all types of texts, including swearing, certification, and legalization of all types of documents.

Audio and video service

We have been supporting companies in the organization of their business events for over 50 years. We provide all technical services for conferences and events, including the setting-up of audio and video control boards, also in the streaming mode to connect participants everywhere. Our audio and video service is available in Milan and all over Italy to implement sophisticated projects, with our team of sound technicians, video operators, and engineers in charge of the front and backstage set-up of all events. We rent cutting-edge audio-visual technology and simultaneous interpretation systems to implement international communication, audio amplification, and high-impact video solutions enhancing all kinds of events.

Interpreting and text translation

We collaborate with professional interpreters and provide specific systems, including  simultaneous interpreting booths and receivers, as well as remote solutions for practical and easy connected translation. We provide text translation services  and sworn translations of balance sheets, essays, and all  types of business documents, relying on native translators specializing in specific topics.

Hostesses and stewards

We select and train hostesses and stewards for all kinds of events. Hostesses for exhibitions and promotional models, a service that helps improve guest reception and provide a coordinated image of meetings and events. Stewards for events, stadiums, access control, and security services to manage visitor flows. All
the best for an accurate organization of all kinds of events.

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Rental of audiovisual and translation systems, in addition to the technical organization of events.

Rental and installation of lighting systems to enhance all kinds of set-ups. Another must-have service for small to large-scale events.

Interpreting services provided by a team of almost 100 professional interpreters selected on the ground of their specialization.

Interpreting services provided by a team of almost 100 professional interpreters selected on the ground of their specialization.

Certified, sworn, and legalized translations of all types of documents.

Expert linguists provide the accurate transcription of meetings, events, and  arbitrations, both from audio and video sources.

Rental of specifically equipped rooms for remote interpreting, integrating translation on any channel.