Document swearing and legalization

We collaborate with the best court-appointed expert translators from all over Italy, who swear, certify, and legalize documents in all destination languages
asseverazione e legalizzazione documenti

What is document swearing?

 A specialized translator, registered as a national court-appointed expert, swears that his/her translation is true to the original document. Only translators and experts included in the national courts’ registers can swear.

What is document legalization?

The translator validates an official document according to a specific procedure to ensure its legal validity from the foreign country to the destination one.

Document swearing and legalization: What do we do?

We provide document swearinglegalization, and certification services through the court-appointed expert translators of Lombardy, who swear documents such as birth certificates, diplomas, degrees, company balance sheets, and notary’s deeds to ensure their legal validity.
We collaborate with translators specializing in the legal business, who swear and legalize legal documents and affidavits. Their work is supported by a skilled Project manager that monitors the entire process step by step.

Is time an issue? We provide urgent swearing services at notary’s firms based on agreements with our offices.

Choose specialized professional translators: we collaborate with experts included in the Local Registers of Milan and Italy

Sworn, certified, and legalized translations from/into all European and non-European languages

The document swearing and legalization process is accurate and confidential. To ensure a smooth procedure, an appointment must be made at most local courthouses. Choosing the right translator is crucial to validate documents and not incur in misinterpretations that would hamper validation.
This is why our support is so important: rely on specialized professional translators!

We provide sworn translations of

asseverazione documenti
  • Certificates and diplomas

  • Vital records certificates

  • Child adoption applications

  • Business contracts

  • Legal and notary’s deeds

  • Company balance sheets

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Document swearing – the process

Each Project manager monitors the swearing service step by step ensuringutmost confidentiality of the submitted documents. The swearing process includes identifying the right translator, who will do the translation as accurately as possible.

Warning: not all translators included in the register can translate all subjects. Our added value is the ability to recruit the most appropriate translator for the reference sector. Once the translation is completed, the translator swears before a court official at the courthouse in the city of residence. This sometimes cannot be done immediately but requires making an appointment at the courthouse to complete the service. Rely on our experience and efficiency for reliable results.

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