Furniture Exhibition 2023: hostesses and stewards at the fair

Hostesses for the Furniture Exhibition – excellent organization for the exhibiting stands

The Furniture Exhibition is the most renowned fair in Milan. It takes place every year at the Rho fairground, a high-impact facility packed with halls that host to the stands of national and international brands operating on the houseware and furniture market.

The exhibitors at this event often request the support of hostesses to assist customers during the sale and display of their products. It is a matter of image, as well as of sales organization, offering the consumer a well-designed and organized vision of the brand on display.

Relying on hostesses and stewards can be the best option to represent your company’s brand.

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The hostesses and stewards of SB Servizi for the Furniture Exhibition 2023 – all the activities

SB Servizi was often actively involved in the organization and management of hostesses and stewards during national and international fairs. This important staff help enhance brands and are often involved in actual business negotiations to facilitate communication and display the stand’s content in an optimal way.

Hostesses and stewards are very popular during the Furniture Exhibition, in that they offer valuable support to the exhibitors for the orderly management of large flows of visitors, conveying the image and enhancing the value of their company as a major player in the show.

  • SB Servizi is well aware of what exhibitors expect from a supporting hostess or steward. This is why in 2022 we supported more than 20 stands from all over the world.
    • Guest welcome and registration
    • Multilingual communication
    • Transfer services
    • Minibar management
    • Product promotion and presentation
    • Security tasks

    and much more.

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Our hostesses at the Furniture Exhibition

Most of the requests we receive refer to good-lookinghostessesthat meet with very high beauty standards. But there is more than the look. Besides an excellent standing, a hostess should be very fluent in English, both spoken and understood.  Only thus can she provide effective support to the stand, acting as a mediator in communication, particularly in foreign and non-European stands.

In addition to welcoming customers and presenting the stand, our hostesses for fairs can manage guest transfers, providing effective support to visitor flows on the premises.

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Our stewards at the Furniture Exhibition

Stewards at fairs are important for organizational purposes. Just consider that about 2000 stewards are involved every year to support security and visitor flow management.

Our experience at the Furniture Exhibition refers to the recruitment of over 20 stewards for large exhibition stands that offered visitors the opportunity to observe the inner display and thus enjoy a unique experience. Stewards were in charge of ensuring that all visitors had a pass for admission to the stand, managing and organizing customers in an orderly way. Security and access control are some of the tasks of stewards at the fair. Like hostesses, stewards should meet specific requirements, such as good looks and a well-groomed appearance, as well as fluency at least in one foreign language – these are the fundamental features for recruitment of reliable and trustworthy stewards.

Why hire hostesses and stewards from SB Servizi?

SB Servizi has been offering services for events and conferencesfor over 50 years and knows very well how to operate at best to ensure the success of an event, whether a meeting or an international fair. SB Servizi offers interpreting services for international communication during the show, as well as comprehensive audiovisual and lighting services for events of all kinds. Our company also has a hostesses and stewards unit dedicated to the management and selection of special staff for conferences, fairs, meetings, and shows of all kinds.

Our hostess business was improved in time, and its organizational and operational skills were strengthened.
SB Servizi relies on dedicated project managers that support clients to satisfy their requests, no matter how specific.

We take care of all kinds of requests, trying to find the best solution for all clients and addressing all their needs. We recruit the best hostesses in Milan and across Italy, and support our resources throughout their workflow, including preparation and, if so requested by the client, during the event. Write or call now and request a customized quote +3902/2052151 or


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